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Welcome to Protein Shaker, the premier provider of personalised protein shakers in the United Kingdom. With a strong foothold in the health and fitness industry, we have established valuable partnerships with top brands, continuously striving to enhance the industry experience for businesses within it. Today, we are proud to expand our offerings to include bespoke clothing solutions for businesses operating in this dynamic sector.


Find the UK’s lowest prices for printed clothing here at Protein Shaker.

Accelerate the growth of your brand awareness and brand loyalty through customised merchandise. Give your customers the chance to be your very own ambassadors, championing your logo on clothing or accessories. 

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Ready to empower your fitness community? Protein Shaker is here to help!  We offer a vibrant selection of shakers in 13 exciting colours, the perfect companion for any athlete or gym enthusiast.  Our shakers feature a built-in mixing ball that effortlessly tackles protein powder, pre-workouts, or even delicious smoothies, ensuring a smooth and clump-free experience. 

The secure, leak proof design keeps your creations contained, so you can focus on reaching your goals without worrying about spills. Show off your team spirit by customising your shakers with your logo in up to two colours. Built to last with durable, BPA-free materials, these shakers will keep your community hydrated and your brand visible.

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Don't just fuel your fitness journey, express it too! Protein Shaker offers a complete line of brandable clothing to keep your community looking and feeling their best.  From performance tops and snug hoodies to sleek vests, comfy joggers, and shaping leggings, we have a variety of styles to fit any workout or casual setting.  Each piece comes in a range of colours to match your team's spirit, and can be customised with your logo in your choice of durable vinyl printing, vibrant screen printing, or classic embroidery.  Build a strong brand identity that complements your commitment to their fitness goals!


Don't just shake things up, support them too! Protein Shaker offers a range of customisable fitness accessories to equip your community for peak performance. From lifting straps and wrist wraps that stabilise your lifts, to lifting gloves that protect your hands, and knee supports and elbow wraps that provide targeted joint support, we have everything your athletes need to push their limits. We even offer gym bags for easy and stylish travelling, and gym towels to keep sweat at bay. The best part is every accessory can be customised with your logo, fostering a strong team identity.

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Protein Shaker goes beyond just shakers and apparel! We are partnered with the trusted design experts at Omni Group to offer comprehensive branding solutions.  Whether you need a complete brand refresh, a powerful logo to elevate your merchandise, or a stunning website to showcase your offerings, Omni Group has the expertise to build a lasting impact for your business.  Contact them today to create a brand identity that truly shines!

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Being the leading supplier of fitness branded products in the UK we have had the pleasure of working with some incredible brands! From Gym Beast Supplements to Conteh Sports, we are proud to have supplied gyms, institutions and shops across the country.


Whilst Protein Shaker is the leading UK printing and distribution company, many of our customers have also come from further afield. We have worked with partners in America, Europe, and Asia, supplying them with our top quality products and fast, secure delivery.


We have branded over 1,000,000 shakers and counting! Supplying 1000’s of customers with our branded products every day. By adding in clothing and accessories we are expanding rapidly to bring more of our top quality products to customers everywhere.

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Iron Paradise Gym loved Protein Shaker's custom shakers! Easy design, leakproof, vibrant - perfect for branding & team spirit!

Sarah M., Owner

Protein Shaker = lifesaver for Fuel Your Performance! Great variety, fast turnaround, & clients love the quality & branding options!

David L., Founder

Ironclad Weightlifting Club's athletes love Protein Shaker's custom wrist straps & knee sleeves! Great support, compression, & branding!

Emily C., Coach


If you want to work with us to sponsor your team, brand your business
or become a partner.

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